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Owner John Bolin with his staff.

 We provide a fun and safe home environment for dogs! 

Nowadays we let our pets sleep in our bedrooms. We give them free run of our homes. We feed them healthier foods and make sure they are mentally and physically stimulated. We treat them more like family members and less like pets.    

As our culture's views concerning pet ownership change, so do our preferences for pet day care and boarding. Kennels, dog runs, and rooms with cages are becoming less desirable options. At Doggie Play Camp we strive to stay on top of this cultural change and offer a better solution.  

We provide a pet-safe, home environment for your dogs to play and stay. Here they can socialize with new furry friends, go outside whenever they need to via doggie door, and rest on comfy dog beds or the furniture when they are ready to nap. A human friend is here with them 24/7 so they are always safe, secure, and surrounded by someone who cares about them.    

Your dog can expect a full day rich with exercise and attention from our dedicated staff members and filled with socialization and activities which alleviate negative behavior at home due to boredom or lack of exercise. Dogs are supervised closely and good behavior and manners are encouraged with positive reinforcement.  


     Call us today to find out more: (225) 354-9151 

   Serving Baton Rouge, Ascension, Livingston, and surrounding areas. 


Great time!
Doggy Play Camp has excellent facilities and staff. It is well organized and well kept. The owner has several dogs of his own for my dog to socialize with and interact with.

Chad A. – Baton Rouge

Highly Recommend
I found Doggie Play Camp at Christmas time when my house sitter cancelled at the last minute. Nyla is part of our family and I was not willing to take her just anywhere. I was on the verge of cancelling our trip. John, Bobbie, and their staff took Nyla in and treated her as part of their family. Their home is welcoming, well-kept and dog friendly. We see John and his dogs at the dog park frequently and Nyla is always to excited to see her doggie friends (and John too!). We have used Doggie Play Camp twice more since our first visit and highly recommend their services! - Jennifer C. - Baton Rouge

Defintely Be Back
My "girls" --- Ruby and Daisy --- enjoy a leisurely Bohemian lifestyle in Mid-City Baton Rouge and country weekends in West Feliciana. So, it's been an awful shock when they have had to stay at traditional boarding facilities. They would whine to get of the car when we drove up and their behavior was sometimes off kilter when they first got home. Doggie Play Camp was such a godsend. The home environment is so preferable for me to leave my pups. Also, Ruby has an injury that has left her with some special needs & the staff was so accommodating and attentive to that issue. And, best of all, they seemed to have a great time. We'll definitely be back! --Sonya Kimbrell, Baton Rouge

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